A Recap of the 2020 TAICEP Virtual Conference

First off, a big thank you to all of the attendees, presenters, sponsors and committees who helped bring the 2020 TAICEP Virtual Conference to life. Though we were unable to gather in person in Glasgow Scotland as we had hoped, the 2020 TAICEP Virtual Conference built upon the success of our five previous conferences in Toronto, Chicago, Rome, Philadelphia and Vancouver. In a virtual environment, we continued to share our similarities, understand our differences, and work for the common good. 

Our daily live sessions through the month of October 2020 brought together seasoned professionals and newcomers alike from around the globe.  Since sessions and events did not overlap, attendees could participate in far more sessions possible than during an in-person 3-day conference, and for a significantly reduced fee. Our 40+ sessions, and other networking opportunities spread over 20 days were all recorded and can still be accessed via last year's website to those who attended.

If you're new to TAICEP, welcome! This is a membership organization for anyone involved in the specialized field of international credential evaluation. Our members represent higher education institutions, independent evaluation agencies, ENIC/NARIC offices, government ministries, licensing authorities, examination boards, awarding bodies, and other organizations. At each TAICEP annual conference, credential evaluators from around the world, both those new to the field as well as those with years of experience, come together to learn, to share knowledge, to network, and to promote the interests of our unique industry.

2021 TAICEP Virtual Conference

Although we were hopeful to resume an in-person conference for 2021, the conference will be held in a virtual space this year and we will continue with our daily live sessions throughout the month of October and November. So mark your calendars, and get ready for an informative and transformative experience with TAICEP! 

What you can expect from this year's conference: 

Newcomer's Welcome

- A Tuesday to Friday schedule packed with sessions 

- Geographically themed weeks that target specific countries and regions

- Great networking opportunities with our tailored 'Coffee Talk' & round-table discussions

- Professional Development Opportunities throughout the conference

- 'Around the World' mini-sessions

- 'Credential Doctor' sessions

- Scholarship Opportunities to attend the conference

If that wasn't enough, check out the incredible video below about why you should be attending this year's Virtual Conference! Shereen Mir-Jabbar, Senior Credentialing Officer from the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (www.alliancept.org) interviews an esteemed group who highlights the awesome value of learning and networking with TAICEP colleagues around the world.


Special thanks to: 

  • Naveen Vasudev, Manager : Business Development and Stakeholders, Office of the CEO, South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), www.saqa.org.za 
  • Ena Chaisson, Consultant, International Admissions, Office of the University Registrar, MacEwan University, MacEwan.ca 
  • Chris Lyons, Head of External Engagement, UK-ECCTIS, www.ecctis.com

New For 2021! - TAICEP "After Hours"

The Conference and Membership Committees are excited to offer three unique "after hours" opportunities during the conference. Partnering with AirBnB Experiences, TAICEP After Hours is your chance to experience fun and interesting virtual events throughout the conference with your colleagues. We might not be physically together, but we can still learn about each other and have a lot of fun. 

Note that TAICEP After Hours events require separate paid tickets, which can be purchased on the conference registration page (please do not sign up on the AirBnB site as TAICEP has booked private events.) Space is limited, so sign up soon. Before the event begins, paid ticket holders will receive instructions via email on how to participate. The three events are below. If we quickly sell out of tickets, we might be able to add more. We hope you enjoy!

TAICEP After Hours - True vs False: Historical Game ($)

Friday, October 29, 202102:30 PM - 03:30 PM(America/New_York)

Viewer discretion advised! This event is rated SPICY and may not be suitable if your boss and/or children are nearby!  Have a blast from the past with your TAICEP colleagues! This is not your standard historical experience! This is an interactive game with the greatest philosopher of all times: Socrates! Amazing facts, bizarre stories from ancient Greece. But also some made-up bull****. Can you spot the True and the False stories? Call me a liar, take my pulse and try to read my poker face, as I mix bold-faced lies amongst historical truths. Was there a Greek god for stupidity? Was the cheesecake invented in ancient Greece? Was the middle finger gesture first used in ancient Greece? Fear not, we will separate facts from fiction at the end.   NOTE: TAICEP has reserved this AirBnB experience as a private event. Tickets must be purchased through the conference registration page and not the AirBnB website.


TAICEP After Hours - Magic, Murder and a Cup of Tea ($)

Friday,  November 05, 202102:30 PM- 3:30 PM,  (America/New_York)

Join with your TAICEP colleagues and imagine a magic show with the warmth of a cup of tea, the fascination of an adventure story, the intrigue of a murder mystery, and the astonishment and surprise of...a great magic show! Malcolm Russell blends sleight-of-hand magic, mind-reading and mentalism with infectious enthusiasm and engaging style in this delightful online performance in which every seat is a front-row seat. You'll be able to scrutinize everything as if you were in his living room, but you may get so caught up in the action that you forget to. The astonishment, laughter and surprise of an evening with Malcolm Russell will stay with you long afterwards.  The show, usually 55 minutes long, is suitable for most ages but aimed at an adult audience. Malcolm draws on his experience of three decades of performing across half a dozen countries to create a fascinating and hilarious show suitable for any audience in the world (performed in English).   NOTE: TAICEP has reserved this AirBnB experience as a private event. Tickets must be purchased through the conference registration page and not the AirBnB website.


TAICEP After Hours - Edinburgh's Ghosts, Murderers and Monsters ($)

Friday, November 12, 202102:30 PM - 03:45 PM(America/New_York)

Join with your TAICEP colleagues and David, who has been a tour guide in Edinburgh for 8 years, on his journey through Edinburgh's grizzly past. From gruesome murders and executions to urban legends and hauntings. This virtual tour turns the streets of Edinburgh into a dark video game while still keeping the history intact. Your attention will be tested as you answer questions to collect points.  We'll be exploring some of Edinburgh's most iconic sites such as:  Edinburgh's Underground Vaults, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle and Dungeons, and Greyfriars Kirk.  NOTE: TAICEP has reserved this AirBnB experience as a private event. Tickets must be purchased through the conference registration page and not the AirBnB website.

How Will I Benefit From Attending The 2021 TAICEP Virtual Conference?

Both new and seasoned professionals in the field of international credential evaluation can benefit from attending the Virtual 2021 TAICEP Conference. You'll have the opportunity to connect with presenters and experts from around the world, all in the comfort of your own home of office. Attendees will have opportunity to establish connections that will positively influence your personal and professional development. Why should you attend the TAICEP 2021 Virtual Conference?

  • Your attendance directly supports the advocacy and sustainability of TAICEP
  • Partake in over 40 sessions, all focused on international credential evaluation
  • Join your colleagues from around the world for virtual networking events and other fun activities
  • No flight and hotel expenses, and a significantly reduced registration fee
  • Gain access to online resources including recordings for all the sessions offered
  • Learn about different educational systems around the world and understand best practices when assessing international credentials 
  • Refresh and refine your understanding of educational systems
  • Understand how the field is changing in respect to changing trends around the world
  • Gain insights from field experts on specialized topics such as accreditation, global standards in international credential evaluation, and more

TAICEP Thanks Our 2021 Conference Sponsors

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